POST REQUEST: Salt Lake City Snow Forecast

POST REQUEST: Salt Lake City Snow Forecast

In the comments in my last blog post, a family member of mine in the Salt Lake area lamented about not having snow. Instead of commenting something short, I decided to do a full blog post. I have good news and bad news. I’ll start with the bad news first:

Bad News:
Forecasted highs through the work week are high, Wednesday is even looking at a high near 53. That’s unfortunate if you like snow. Lows aren’t going to get below freezing until Friday Night when the forecasted low (for Temple Square) is 26. Now my family, like everyone else in the Salt Lake area, doesn’t live on Temple Square but the news is bad for everyone, even people on the Bench and around Draper.

Precipitation is going to move into the area Wednesday night. It looks like widespread rainfall during the day, and it’s going to be windy. Pretty Seattle-esque if you ask me. But that night is when it starts to get good…

Source: Infinite Series Photography

Good News:
Thursday night rain is going to switch to snow and then taper off with the forecasted low downtown around 23. It’s pretty far out at this point, but accumulations will be light, maybe somewhere between 1-3 inches if you made me guess right now.

So, you can wait for a rather slushy light bit of snow, or you could head up to one of the ski areas, some of which are reporting over 40 inches of snow at their base. Another option for my family members is to come say hi to me up at BYU-Idaho.

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